Whitman County Library, Colfax Branch

Colfax, Washington

Castellaw Kom Architects worked with the Whitman County Rural Library District on a handicap and public safety remodel for the Colfax Branch Library in Colfax, Washington. The project was funded by a USDA loan, grant money received from the State of Washington and local funding sources. The main emphasis of the project was the addition of an elevator to provide handicap access to the basement and mezzanine spaces.

The project also included functional and aesthetic upgrades to the fifty year old facility. A new skylight was added above a new open stairwell that greatly improved the entry experience to a large meeting room located in the basement. Upgrades were completed in the meeting room to provide a functional and attractive space for the many functions that are held in the room each month.

The centerpiece of the project is a realistic, artificial banyan rainforest tree located in the children's area. The tree is a memorial to a child that loved to come and read at the library and loved the imagery of the rainforest. The tree provides a playful and cozy shelter over the children's reading area.

Image of Whitman County Library in Colfax, Washington
Project Images