Student Union Building Ballroom Remodel

University of Idaho — Moscow, Idaho

In addition to extensive programming, CKA in association with Zimmeray Studios, provided master planning services for the Student Union Buildings second and third floors. Improved circulation, service routing, green room space, flexibility and appearance are some of the issues that were addressed. It was a program goal that the entire second and third floors function as an integrated whole.

The International SUB Ballroom renovation has brought the facility back to a space that is fitting for the State of Idaho's land grant university. The facility clearly conveys a University of Idaho sense of place without overpowering the events that occur within. The most durable and timeless composition of materials have been used.

Improvements to the "back of house" spaces have dramatically improved the function of the facility and service of the facility. Improvements to the integrated building systems, not just appropriate mechanical, electrical, and lighting systems, but also acoustical performance, audiovisual and technological systems, were provided.

Photos courtesy of Lara Swimmer.

Image of U of I SUB Ballroom
Project Images