Gatineau Medical Clinic

Jeremie, Haiti — (Unbuilt at this time.)

CKA worked closely with a mission-based group working in Haiti on the design of a new medical clinic for the Gatineau area, a farming based community in the mountains outside of Jeremie. Larry Kom visited the site and worked with the construction team on the design and layout of the facility in October of 2006.

The design of the clinic is based on the local architecture of the region. The facility will be largely constructed of concrete blocks that are cast on site — as is common for the region. A reinforced concrete roof is utilized to provide a mold and decay resistant structure in the wet, humid climate. Cooling of the facility will be accomplished by natural ventilation through many windows located throughout the facility. The facility is planned to be constructed using local labor and volunteer work crews from the United States, managed and supervised by a mission team project superintendent. At the present time the project is on hold, awaiting the finalization of project funding.

Rendering of Gatineau Medical Clinic
Project Images