Uhling Residence

Lewiston, Idaho

The design of this classically proportioned residence was directly derived from the owner’s original ideas and desires. We worked closely to provide a properly proportioned and detailed exterior design for a floor plan that the owner had designed, based on his exacting requirements. CKA designed the interior volumes to meet the owner’s expectations for each space. Interior volumes and spatial layout dictated the structural system and specialized roof design. We utilized attic spaces where we could to provide interesting bonus rooms throughout the upper floor.

The home design blends classic detailing with state of the art technologies in kitchen amenities, lighting systems and audio systems. The exterior amenities and landscaping features in the private yard provide an elegant backdrop for family activities. Interior spaces feature impressive tile work on floors and walls throughout the three story home. The custom cabinetry throughout the home was constructed as unique pieces of ornate furniture, with detailing that rivals the most impressive work in the region.

The completed residence is an impressive home that sits high above the Lewiston Country Club. The home’s commanding presence is very evident as visitors approache the home from Foothill Drive below.

Image of Uhling Residence
Project Images